GBA Board Meeting

Tuesday, July 14, 2020, 8:30 am until 9:30 am
A meeting of the Greenfield Business Association

Monthly meeting of the Greenfield Business Association, held via Zoom.

  1. Quick Check-in: Who’s open/who’s not? How is everyone doing?
  2. June 9th Annual Meeting Minutes
  3. Reviewing "GBA Rules of Operation" (by-laws)
    • Filling out the Executive Board (BOARD OF DIRECTORS: SECTION II, Size)
      • Vice-President, Past-President
    • Relationship with FCCC (BOARD OF DIRECTORS: SECTION VIII, Duties of Officers, A)
      • "The President shall serve as the Chief Elected Officer of the organization and shall preside at all meetings. The President will also serve on attend meetings of the Board of Directors of the Franklin County chamber of Commerce and will be the liaison between the organizations."
    • Possible modification of Rules of Operation to accomodate video meetings or email votes?
    • Guest: Kristen Cole, potential new board member
  4. Finance Update
    • Opening up a bank account
      • Mik, David, Rachel as signers
    • How do we pay Rachel?
    • Purchasing Quickbooks from Tech Soup $60
    • Obtaining Directors Insurance
      • Need anti-harassment and anti-discriminitory policies ("borrow" from Chamber?)
    • Where do we stand with FCCC?
      • Mik met with Diana Szynal to "begin the end"
      • Upcoming dual-Exec meeting Thursday, July 23rd at 8:00 in FRCOG conference room
  5. Greenspace CoWork location (Rachel, Jeremy)
    • Need signage for door and on wall behind Rachel's desk
  6. Mass Grant Loan Application to Support Local Small Businesses
  7. Small Businesses in Greenfield
    • Message from Clayton to Mik
    • Others shutting down
  8. Membership Update
    • Membership Dues (Rachel)
    • How do we check-in with member businesses?
      • Survey (Penny)
    • Pandemic Outreach/Support
      • Who’s Open List (Mik)
      • Zoom Forums (Rachel)
      • Finance Opportunities (MJ)
      • Other ideas? GRANT
  9. Event Planning Discussion
    • #GreenfieldRocks Update (Rachel): Still happening?
    • Fall planning?
  10. Other Updates/Business

GBA Board Meeting 2020-07-14 Agenda (2020-07-07 at 12:05 PM)

GBA Board Meeting 2020-07-14 Minutes (2020-07-21 at 11:37 AM)

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