GBA By-Laws and Policies SubCommittee

Wednesday, August 19, 2020, 11:00 am until 12:00 pm
A meeting of the Greenfield Business Association


  1. Review the four documents provided by Rachel.
  2. Motion to reccommend above bylaws and policies to emergency Board meeting on Friday at 8:30 am.


The Bylaws and Policies Subcommittee met at 11:00 AM at the LAVA Center, with Mik, MJ and Lucinda in attendance. Mik presided.

  1. MJ moved and Lucinda seconded recommendation of "STATEMENT OF NON-DISCRIMINATION POLICY" as amended. Lucinda seconded. Motion passes unanimously.
    • Amendment: remove the word "clients" after "staff" on last line of first paragraph.
  2. Between the two sample harassment policies forwarded by Rachel, the version entitled "ANTI-HARASSMENT POLICY" with a "I. GENERAL PROVISIONS" was chosen (the other discarded) for consideration. Lucinda moved we recommend this policy, as amended, with MJ seconded. Motion passed unanimously.
    • Amendments:
      • Change "Hospital" to "GBA" in I. A. Sexual Harassment, first paragraph.
      • Change "Execute" to "Executive" in second paragraph of "C. Complain Procedure"
      • In the paragraph that follows,
        • add "be" inbetween "will" and "documented"
        • strike "the" before "a 3-person committee"
        • change "will comprise of board members" to "will be comprised of board members"
      • In "II RETALIATION", swap the first two paragraphs such that "Retaliation against..." is the first paragraph.
  3. Lucinda moved we recommend the draft bylaws as amended, with MJ seconding. Motion passed unanimously.
    • Amendments:
      • Strike "Article III - Offices" as we felt our street address did not need to appear in our bylaws, and update all Article numbers appropriately.
      • Question: is it Finance Chair or Treasurer?
      • Add "officer's" before the word "term" in "to serve out that term" in "SECTION II: Terms"
      • Add "D. In the absence of the president, the past president shall preside over meeting" to "SECTION III: Duties of Officers"
      • Add "E. Bylaws and Policies Committee" to "Article VII - Committees", "SECTION I: Standing Committees"
      • Add ""Conflict of Interest," before "willful misconduct" in "Article X - General Rule", "b. the breach..."
      • Insert "Article XI; Conflicts of Interest" as amended from Lucinda's submission
      • Change "for" to "or" in "Article XII Indemnification" in the sentence fragment "... common please for other court ..."
      • Change reference "Section XV (a)" to "Section XII (a)" in first sentence of subsection "(b). Procedure" in same Article.
      • Change "Rules of operation" to "Bylaws" in forst sentence of "Article XIV - Dissolution"
  4. Meeting closed at 11:45 AM

All three recommended documents, already amended, are attached to the Friday meeting agenda.

SUGGESTED GBA Bylaws 2020-08-12.docx (2020-08-19 at 8:59 AM)

SUGGESTED Harassment Policy.docx (2020-08-19 at 8:59 AM)

SUGGESTED Non-Discrimination Policy.docx (2020-08-19 at 9:00 AM)

SUGGESTED Sexual Harassment Policy.docx (2020-08-19 at 8:59 AM)

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