GBA Board Meeting -- SCHEDULED

GBA Board Meeting

Monday, March 11, 1:30 pm until 3:00 pm
A meeting of the Greenfield Business Association

Monthly meeting of the GBA Board --

  1. Accept Minutes
  2. Director Report
  3. Finance Report
  4. Board Updates
    • Wahab Minhas, City Council Appointee for consideration
    • Matt Allen, from MassHire
  5. Committee Reports:
    • Executive Committee: Mik (president), Bill (vp), Judy (clerk), Jane (treasurer)
    • Finance Committee: Jane (chair), Mik, Garry, Lisa, Hannah, MikeE
    • Membership Committee: Dan (chair), Mik, Bill, Hannah
    • Marketing Committee: Hannah (chair), Mik, Dan, AmyB, Isaac, MikeT.
    • Streetscapes Committee: AmyC (chair), Isaac, Hannah
    • Events Committee: AmyB (chair), Mik, Judy, AmyC, Jane, Hannah
  6. Sharing / Announcements
    • Chamber Breakfast 2/16

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