GBA Board Meeting

Tuesday, July 24, 2018, 8:30 am until 9:30 am
Greenfield Savings Bank, Greenfield, MA
A meeting of the Greenfield Business Association


GBA Meeting Minutes, July 24, 2018, 8:30 AM, held at GSB Greenfield, Lisa McKenna's office.

All officers present except Sheila Peers.

  • Reviewed docs found in file cabinet in GBA cabinet at Chamber by Bill and Lisa
  • Discussed GBA mission
    • Leaving mission as is for now
  • Discussed hiring a new "coordinator" / assistant
    • Bill is meeting with Natalie and John, the new Shelburne Buckland Area Business Assoc. Coordinator
    • Reviewed GBA Director position summary / job description
  • We are going forward with holiday ornaments, holiday lights, jingle fest
  • Other projects we could do:
    • Rag shag parade, GBA has a table and hands out apples
    • Town-wide tag sale. Use town common?
  • We are contacting Jon Michaelson for this year's ornament
    • George will contact Peter Miller re: photo of old train station
  • Lisa moved to pay 50% of website hosting to Montague WebWorks (Mik)
    • Seconded by Sharon
    • Vote passed unanimously
    • [No longer necessary, per Mik's conversation with Fernando Fleury, Greenfield's IT Manager later in the day]
  • Discussed the homeless tents on town common
    • Town Council looking to possibly rezone common
    • Where can they go?
  • Bill and Mik will write letter to paper reintroducing GBA, laying out our plan for this year, and looking for board members

Meeting closed at 9:30 on a motion by George and seconded by several at the table. Passed unanimously.

Submitted by Mik

Posted to: Board Meetings.

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