GBA Membership Files (1 files)

The Greenfield Business Association is bringing in new members while expanding its marketing opportunities and continuing to advocate strongly for our local businesses.

Join us and enjoy these outstanding benefits!

We offer three ways to become involved:

  • Greenfield Business Association membership - $175 per year
  • GBA Sponsor - $1000 per year, to help with hall rentals and other event expenses
  • GBA Underwriter - $5000 per year, to help with office rent and other big ticket expenses

Please fill out the Enrollment Form and send it in along with your first year's dues payment.

Collaborations, Connections and Events

  • Get discounted advertising opportunities through cooperative GBA advertising
  • Participate in the GBA Membership Showcase
  • Benefit from business training and workshops for you and your employees
  • Make your voice heard at the town and state level through GBA business unity
  • Collaborate on planning and executing special town events: Holiday Lights, JingleFest, etc.

For seventy five years the Greenfield Business Association has been gathering business owners and managers together to promote Greenfield as a desirable place to visit, live, shop, eat, play, and conduct business. Our mission and activities are designed to promote business and civic strength in Greenfield.

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