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Greenfield’s Historic Train Station

2018 GBA Landmark Ornament features a train station from Greenfield's past. As part of the Connecticut River Railroad (CNRR), the train station was located at what is now the Energy Park and was part of rail lines that originally ran from Springfield to Greenfield. In the mid-1800s trains from Greenfield also travelled up through Vermont. New York City and Montreal were added in the late-1800s when the Boston and Maine Railroad (B&M) leased the tracks from CNRR. During that same time period, the Troy and Greenfield Railroad (T&G) started its long construction of track to the west of Greenfield to Troy through the Hoosac Range.

As the track opened in late 1874, rail travel from Greenfield expanded to the Mid-West. With the merger of the CNRR and T&G railroads in the late 1800s, the location of the train station moved to the area of the John W Olver Transit Center - home of our current Greenfield train station.

Ornaments are available for purchase at our office at 395 Main St, as well as Baker Office Supply and Wilson's Department Store for $15. For an additional $3.50, we can ship ornaments to any state in the contiguous US. Ornaments can also be ordered online.

Past ornaments can also be purchased for $10 each. Swing by the office for a list of the past ornaments that are still available.

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