The bees are swarming at the GBA!

Bee part of the GBA Bee Busy-ness Scavenger Hunt during Bee Week!!


What? GBA member businesses host a bee somewhere visible in your business for participants to search for during Bee Week. At the end of the week, public participants who complete the scavenger hunt will be eligible for prizes.

What we need from you:

  • A commitment to host a bee in an accessible and visible spot in your business for the week of 6/1-8
  • Post a sign making the community aware that your business is hosting a bee
  • A gift certificate or donation of at least $25 to be used as part of our prizes

What you'll get:

  • A bright yellow plastic bee approximately 3" square
  • Increased traffic to your business and hopefully new customers
  • A flyer that includes the names and locations of all 18 participating businesses where bees can be found
  • Ink pad and GBA stamp to indicate your business' bee was found by participant,
  • Promotion for your business - included with general BEE WEEK promos and with GBA media, and at other participating businesses that post flyers and host bees
  • A fun time with community!

Any GBA member business can participate as long as there is an area in the business open to the public.

There are only have 10 adorable bees left - and this is a first come, first served opportunity.

Help the GBA create a BUZZ around Greenfield and your business! Contact the office or better yet EMAIL if you want to participate!

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