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GBA steps into new era, hires new Coordinator

New GBA Coordinator Rachel Roberts with GBA Board Members

At the public event held by the GBA at Taylor's Tavern in June, energy and enthusiasm was high as everyone present took turns offering ideas for what the GBA could become or could continue to do that was successful. At the board's next meeting in July, the vote was unanimous to continue the GBA and seek new directors and members.

We welcome the new chairman of the GBA board, Bill Baker of Baker's Office Supply. Other officers voted in were Lisa McKenna for vice-chair, David Russell for finance, Mik Muller for clerk, and George Gohl for past chair. Other directors continue to be Sharon Cross, Kriste Joy, and Sheila Peers. The board has room for another seven members.

We have hired Rachel Roberts of Greenfield as the new GBA Coordinator. She will hit the ground running, kicking off a new membership drive and taking on the many annual events we've held over the years, including Jingle Fest, the annual holiday ornament, and more. More details soon.

Looking ahead to the fall, the board voted to continue working with the Greenfield Recreation Department to support the annual Rag Shag Parade. We are looking forward to phasing in newly Holiday Lights. This year's Holiday Ornaments will be from a local vendor and have a new design highlighting another historic symbol of Greenfield. We will also continue the Jingle Fest coordinating with other community organizations. We are also looking into some of the ideas that were brought up at the Taylor's event.

So, we're alive and well, and seek to expand and increase our reach and value to the town. Now, more than ever, with increased competition from online retailers, both large and small, and the inevitable deployment of drone delivery, businesses in town really need to band together and make the case to local customers for staying local. The town cannot afford to have any more shops closing down. It’s no longer us versus Walmart for Greenfield businesses. It’s us versus Amazon. We need a coordinated plan, and we need to start now.

It's a new era for the GBA, and for all businesses in Greenfield, and beyond.

The mission of the Greenfield Business Association is to promote the civic and economic vitality of Greenfield, and to encourage a unified revitalization effort among all segments of the community in order to foster a sustainable future for businesses in Greenfield.

We meet on the second Tuesday of every month at 8:30 AM.

You can read more about our plans, sign up for emailed updates, and even join the GBA at our website:

Bill Baker, chairman
Greenfield Business Association

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