GBA Equipment Grant Awardees Announced

Eight Greenfield Businesses Receive Grants from GBA

The crew at Main Street Bar & Grille are excited about their outside space and have already had many customers enjoying the sunshine while dining. The funds from the GBA went to the purchase of the umbrellas, tables, and chairs.

The Greenfield Business Association (GBA) is pleased to announce eight Greenfield businesses are grant recipients of our first round of regranting from our funding for the “COVID-19 Business Reopening Outdoor Equipment Micro-Grant” through the “MassDevelopment’s Commonwealth Places: Resurgent Places” grant program, which awarded the GBA $10,000 in September.

First round grant awards have been received by: Brad’s Place; Denny’s Pantry; Hangar Pub and Grill of Greenfield; Hope & Olive; Main Street Bar and Grille; Mesa Verde; Terrazza; and the new Adam’s Donuts.

Each of the eight recipients received grants of up to $1,200 for equipment purchases needed to reopen outside in response to the reopening requirements of the state and city governments. Materials such as tents, umbrellas, tables, chairs, and heaters were included in several of the grant awards.

The GBA worked in coordination with the City of Greenfield’s GBA board liaison and Community Economic and Development Director, MJ Adams, to ensure businesses had proper outdoor spaces to use. “This whole grant process for the GBA was a collaborative effort with the city to provide assistance to businesses trying to reopen by expanding outside. Every step of the way, we worked with the city for the benefit of the Greenfield business community,” noted Rachel Roberts, the GBA Coordinator.

While in the process of presenting business owners and managers the award check, GBA board president and owner of Montague WebWorks, Mik Muller, heard many positive responses. In conversation at the time the grant check was awarded, Michael Stone, manager of the Hangar Pub and Grill, noted that he arrived in Greenfield in January 2020 and then everything changed. He shared, “Greenfield has been amazingly supportive of the Hangar. It’s a great community.” Roberts recalls her conversation with Jim and Maggie Zaccara, sibling co-owners of Hope & Olive, in which Jim stated, “This is great! Every little bit helps.” Mik Muller shared “We reached out to many Greenfield businesses we knew were reopening outside and probably could use some financial help buying new equipment.”

The positive news for Greenfield continues--the GBA has the opportunity to raise $10,000 more to assist even more local businesses with a matching grant program through MassDevelopment. For each dollar raised by the GBA through crowdfunding, MassDevelopement will match up to $5,000 for a total of $10,000 more going directly to our city’s businesses.

“It’s a great way to donate! $50 automatically turns into $100! You're doubling your donation to local businesses with one gift!” Muller enthusiastically shares.

The GBA crowdfunding page:

The GBA has the opportunity to raise the additional funds and give them directly to Greenfield businesses from now through December 31st. “The more quickly we can raise the crowdfunding money, the better. It’s getting colder and our businesses could use the help sooner rather than later,” Roberts notes. “It’s really up to the individual businesses we are granting to decide when to stop their business outside. We hope even as the weather cools, the outdoor equipment can bring revenue to our city’s businesses, as warm and sunny days can still come throughout the fall.”

Main Street Bar & Grille owners, Christina Guevin-Gurney and Thomas Gurney, are very enthusiastic about their outside space. Standing outside their establishment with Roberts, Tom looked up and said, “when those leaves are down this space will be full of sun. People will love it.”

The GBA’s goal is to help at least eight more Greenfield businesses through the additional funds. The equipment purchased by the businesses remain in their possession for future use as well, in case we are under similar restrictions in the spring.

The GBA can request funding from MassDevelopment each month and hopes to get the money to Greenfield business owners as quickly as possible.

In addition to the outdoor equipment listed above, businesses can request money for POS, signs, tent sides, lighting, and other needed equipment to carry-on business outside. According to Roberts, there are two additional businesses that have applied for the grant and the GBA is currently awaiting crowdfunding money to be able to award those businesses their requested amount. If you can help the GBA continue to grant money to our Greenfield businesses, please go to and donate today. Dollar for dollar, this is a win-win situation for Greenfield.

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