10 More Light-Pole Star Sponsors Wanted

Can you help us reach our sponsorship goal?

GBA Board Members Putting Up Garlands
Putting Up Garlands on Main Street

This is certainly been quite a year! It's most likely going to be a very different holiday season, too.

It's already been different for the GBA -- Realizing many of our usual light sponsors have hit harder economic times due to COVID-19, we knew we had to rethink our holiday lighting. We've always hired professional installers to pull together our holiday lighting, but it was costly. We didn't want to forgo the holiday lighting because we hoped that especially this year it would lighten up our community's spirits. So, without knowing how many light sponsors we could find, we decided the best way forward was to do it on our own.

Working on the holiday lighting has been a bit of an adventure for us. We started in September by getting our past garlands, ordering replacement materials, and coordinating installation with the Greenfield DPW. In October, GBA Board members and community volunteers inspected and reconditioned the garlands to get them ready to put out on the street. We had an installation trial run one early morning with members of the DPW. This past weekend, with lots of help, we installed nearly all of our 80 garlands onto lamp posts throughout downtown. It was hours of hard work, but we think downtown Greenfield will look lovely this season with the lamp post decorations and the trees the city are lighting.

Installing the garlands

We are still looking for sponsors. We extended our sponsorship deadline for an additional week, and now, we are leaving sponsoprship open until we fill 10 more lamp posts. Will you help us be one of those 10 new sponsors?

Sponsorship can be done easily by completing the sponsorship form online or printing the form and mailing it to the GBA.

Thank you all for your support -- and to all the volunteers, DPW workers Jeff and Richard, and Joel from Palmeri Electric -- that have helped us brighten our little city for the holidays.

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