Holiday Ornaments are here!

Positively Greenfield GBA Holiday Ornaments have Arrived

Positively Greenfield Holiday Ornament has arrived at the GBA office!

This year's ornament is now available for purchase at the GBA office, Baker's Office Supply, Brad's -- while they last!

Don't miss the opportunity to spruce up your holidays with this unique Greenfield ornament! Only a limited number of ornaments are available. Be sure to get yours now!

If you pre-ordered an ornament earlier this fall, it's waiting for you -- come by and get it at your earliest convenience (office hours are typically M-F 8:30-4:30). If you ordered and requested ornament(s) shipped, they are already in the mail.


A Positively Special Ornament for 2019!

To celebrate all things positive about Greenfield this year, the GBA has teamed-up with the local Facebook phenomenon page Positively Greenfield to bring this year's ornament to you!

Positively Greenfield was developed to support the good things about our sweet little city of Greenfield previously known as "the City Known as the Town of Greenfield." The page encourages anecdotes about things the community loves about Greenfield as well as photographs, videos, and event postings. It is a place to share something wonderful that happened in Greenfield with each other. The page has quickly gathered followers with many declaring the posts brighten their days and warm their hearts.

The GBA's Mission is to promote the economic and civic vitality of the Greenfield business community. To encourage a unified revitalization effort among all segments of the community in order to foster a community of businesses for an economically sound future in Greenfield. The GBA sees those goals reflected daily in posts the community shares on the Positively Greenfield Facebook page. There are posts about amazing experiences at local businesses and kind interactions with people throughtout our city. The page consistently encourages "unified revitalization among all segments of our community" as it has gathered and shows our best selves and celebrates what and who makes the city of Greenfield the wonderful place it is to live, work, visit - and enjoy!

$20 each -- For an additional $3.50, we can ship ornaments to any state in the contiguous US.

Past ornaments can also be purchased for $10 each. Check them out at the Past Tree Ornaments page, or swing by the office (395 Main Street) for a list of the past ornaments that are still available.

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