Celebrate Greenfield this Holiday Season

The GBA is selling all past Greenfield ornaments this year for $10!

Since 1993, the Greenfield Business Association has created and sold a different holiday ornaments each year. Some years have sold out and some have not. The 2020 season will not have a new ornamnent. Instead, we plan to sell whatever ornamnets still have left.

All ornaments in our online shop are only $10. Shipping & handling on all ornaments is $4.00 per item. To save postage, swing by a local business.

These Greenfield businesses will have a selection of our various ornaments for sale at $10 each:

  • Baker Office Supply (310 Main Street) All store hours
  • Franklin County Chamber of Commerce (395 Main Street) All hours
  • The LAVA Center (324 Main Street) Saturdays ONLY from 1:00-4:00 pm

We will continue to announce other businesses in downtown Greenfield that will be selling ornaments this 2020 holiday season.

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