The GBA leaves the Chamber office suite and moves to Greenspace CoWork

For the first time in over 60 years, the Greenfield Business Association (GBA) is moving out on its own. After a year-long planning process in conjunction with the Franklin County Chamber of Commerce, the GBA has become its own entity and moved to an independent location. New GBA Board President Mik Muller says, "We've faced a few challenging years, recently, and as part of our reorganization to best serve the Greenfield business community, it became clear that we needed to set out on our own."

The GBA has been a division of the Franklin County Chamber of Commerce since its inception in 1948. The Chamber created the GBA division to focus directly on providing benefits to the Greenfield business community. The two organizations have worked in tandem to support community businesses ever since. GBA Coordinator Rachel Roberts shares, "We have a great working relationship with the Chamber and will miss sharing our office with them. Even though our location and designation may be changed, both organization will still work collaboratively to support the businesses in our community."

The GBA's new location is the Greenspace CoWork office space at 278 Main Street, Suite 205. "The GBA discussed several options for a new office space and the Greenspace CoWork kept moving to the top of out list," Roberts adds. Then the GBA was offered a one-year membership to the cowork offices through a grant from Greenfield's cowork community partnership including Greenfield Community College's Ideation Center, Another Castle, The Hive, and Greenspace CoWork. The GBA has been in its new location since July 1st.

Need to connect with us? As before, GBA Coordinator Rachel Roberts is available part-time to serve the Greenfield businesses community, and COVID best practices for meetings are "with appointment only" at the Greenspace CoWork location. Please contact the GBA by leaving a message at 413-376-5638 or by emailing gba.4greenfield@gmail.com. Our mailing address is still: Greenfield Business Association, 289 Main Street, Greenfield MA 01301.

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