Participate in Vintage Days! October 13-15, 2023!!

What can YOUR business do to get people coming in?

Whether yours is a traditionally "Vintage" business or not, consider participating with a special, sale, or drop-in event for VINTAGE DAYS, October 13-15!!

We're looking to get folks out and about on Vintage Days, coming downtown, stopping by our businesses up on High St., making plans to eat at least one meal out over the weekend, and so on. Whether you serve food, sell retail, fix cars, insure people - we know there is something that your business can do to get in on the fun and celebrate the vintage history and vibe of Greenfield.

Need ideas?! Want to brainstorm? Want to run something by us and get some support? Reach out to Hannah at and she'll get back to you ASAP.

Once we've got an idea, we can add you to our list of businesses that we are specifically marketing in the lead up to Vintage Days. DEADLINE to have your business mentioned in our FULL PAGE GAZETTE / RECORDER AD is October 1st. Let us know that you're participating!!

Some ideas that are already in motion:

  • Main St. Bar & Grille is serving a menu of vintage cocktails
  • Antique Revival is hosting a 20-50% off sale and tag sale (weather permitting)
  • Innovintage is organizing some in-store tastings in their place while people peruse
  • Dawn's School of Dance is offering old fashioned lemonade
  • There are Open Houses at the Historical Society and Museum of our Industrial Heritage
  • 10 Forward is hosting a vintage themed Karaoke & Trivia Night (September 24, to kick us off!)

... and more! Join the fun!!

Vintage Days Cocktail Menu from Main St. Bar & Grille!

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