Storefront Improvement Grant APPLICATION DUE!

Get your application in by Tuesday, October 31.

There is a new round of Storefront Improvement Grants up for grabs! If you've been thinking about updating or replacing your signage or awnings, adding some exterior lighting, or freshening up your windows, this is the time. Grant funds cover design, fabrication, and delivery of new elements, though installation costs will have to be covered by the business.

There are some great local sign makers and vendors, and a lot of materials and designs to choose from. Take a walk downtown and you can see the last Storefront Improvement grant dollars at work, with new signage at People's Pint, Hens & Chicks, All About Beads, Ice Cream Alley, Alchemy of Avalon, Parker on Main, and more. See something you love? We're happy to connect you with the owner to get more info.

Consider vendors like Hale Custom Signs in Gill, Hired Hand Signs in Sunderland, Godfrey Signs in Cummington, and more. We're here to get you the info you need.

Get more info & APPLY:


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