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The End of the Year is the BEST Time to Join the GBA!

The end of the year is a GREAT time to take care of your GBA Membership for next year!

There is a lot happening in Greenfield in 2024, and the Greenfield Business Association is working hard to build connections across sectors and districts, to strengthen the business community and ensure that every organization, business, and stakeholder feels heard and supported.

Your membership is a vote of confidence not only in our organization, but in Greenfield as a whole, and in YOURSELF. As a Member of the GBA, you have a wealth of knowledge, information, and support at your fingertips. Reach out with questions, concerns, ideas; the GBA is here to work for your success. Our priority is the growth and sustainability of the businesses that serve Greenfield, and we appreciate your partnership and support.

Consider joining or renewing your membership TODAY!

With appreciation,

Hannah Rechtschaffen, Director & The GBA Board

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