Greenfield Business Association Newsletter - January 2024

New Year, Renewed Vision!

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January Newsletter: Director's Letter

Happy New Year! There are big changes afoot in Greenfield, businesses moving out and businesses opening and reopening. From Common Ground Fitness' new location on Federal St. to Plum's new location in Northampton - change is the constant these days.

At the GBA our goal is to support ALL businesses in Greenfield, and as a small but mighty organization, like our businesses themselves, we go about this by leveraging the relationships we have and always looking to build new ones. As we renew memberships at the start of this new year, and invite new members to join, the question we get the most often is "Why should I join the Chamber AND the GBA?"

Great question! The way Jessye Deane (ED of the Chamber) and I see it, the GBA and the Chamber work closely together on the larger goals of Franklin County as a whole. These include making strides in the economic health of our region, encouraging residential growth and quality of life, and increasing tourism to the county - which is connected to the first two goals.

When it comes to the boots on the ground work here in Greenfield, towards these larger goals, that's where the GBA springs into action. We are tracking the business needs of Greenfield, both from the commercial and consumer side, we advocate for our business community, we are available for questions, concerns, and ideas, and we represent Greenfield in those larger conversations at the City, County, Valley, and State level.

The ripple effect of the work we do, with the Franklin County Chamber and other Chambers of Commerce, cannot be overstated, and Jessye and I stay closely connected to ensure that we are communicating effectively and paying attention to the big picture. From something as simple and joyful as the seasonal lamppost signs downtown, to organizing and participating in Greenfield events, to raising the visibility of our tenacious business community, the GBA's work spans the aesthetic to the crucial.

The Chamber brings our communities together, and the GBA is proud to be a leader in the cohesiveness of our county. Greenfield is the heart of and gateway to Franklin County, and it is a big enough little city that it deserves an organization that is paying close attention to its particular needs, patterns, and developments. THAT organization is the GBA.

We appreciate all our businesses considering membership to both the GBA and the Franklin County Chamber. Your membership allows our organizations to work together for the success of our greater business ecosystem.

Thanks for Reading!

Hannah C. Rechtschaffen, Director

Stakeholder Survey 2024!

The Annual GBA Board Retreat is on the horizon, and we would greatly appreciate your feedback as we take stock of our organizational priorities and direction, to ensure that we are working with as much information from our business community as possible.

While we know that there are many priorities and needs, and we can only meet so many of them in a year, the more data we have, the better organized our approach can be - helping us maximize our impact. We are a small but mighty organization, and our success is your let us know, what feels like SUCCESS to you?!



January Membership Drive! Join & Renew This Month!!

All the above to say...we hope that you will see the value in joining and renewing your membership with the GBA this year! If you made a resolution to give your business a boost, be more connected to your community, or get more folks in the door in 2024 - we're here to help you keep it.

Still need more info? We're here for that too. Don't hesitate to reach out with questions about ways to get involved and how to make the GBA work for you. Or better yet, come to an event this year, beginning with our Member Event in February, to meet other members, hear more about the GBA's plans for 2024, and ask questions in person.

The Business Breakdowns, Public Meetings, and Chamber Breakfasts are other great places to connect with us. You can shoot us an email ahead of time, or find Hannah or one of our Board Members and give their shoulder a tap. We'd love to talk more with you.

You can always reach us at or go right to our website below and sign up to be a member today! Your success is our success, and we appreciate your membership.


"Don't Be Caught Dead at the Mall!" Garden Cinema & GBA Event!

February 9th - 15th, catch the zombified double feature of 'Dawn of the Dead' and 'Shaun of the Dead' at the Garden Cinema! Sponsored by the GBA, these classics warn of the extreme dangers of MALL SHOPPING!! Lucky for Greenfield, we've kept these monsters out...just think what could happen! Shopping local is the key to keeping our community zombie free.

Join in the fun and bring folks into your LOCAL business by being a RAFFLE SITE leading up to this Movie Anniversary Event! Shoot us an email below to participate and we'll bring you raffle tickets to hand out with purchases made at your business between February 1st and 8th.

We'll add your name to the Facebook event so folks know you're participating, and we'll boost that info on social media through the GBA AND the Garden Cinema. What a great way to encourage folks to come downtown to walk, shop, and eat...because NO ONE wants to be caught DEAD AT THE MALL!!



Dress Up Your Downtown Windows for Winter Carnival 2024!

The theme for Winter Carnival this year is Season Switchup, bringing SUMMER to downtown Greenfield early this year - Friday, February 2nd - Sunday, February 4th!! Your annual favorites will be back, from ice sculptures to the ice bar, and the GBA will be hosting Downtown Defrost on Court Square on Friday night from 4 PM - 8 PM; enjoy fire spinning, warm up by the fire barrels, and make s'mores while you watch the parade of lights go by.

While we will not be judging this year, we DO encourage downtown businesses to have some SUMMER FUN with your front window displays! During Winter Carnival, downtown will be lively, and an eye-catching window can draw people right through your door. The ice bar this year will be in front of Mesa Verde, open all three days of Winter Carnival, and folks will be walking around on Saturday from 12 - 6 to view the ice sculptures, shop, and eat. Don't hesitate to reach out for ideas and share your plans with us, so we can shout them out on social media!

You can see the full Winter Carnival schedule HERE:

It's that time of the year...


Purchase a HEART for your favorite business and fill downtown Greenfield with LOVE! Whether it's your own business, the one next door, or down the street, we all have our favorite spots in Greenfield. Your Heart can have a business name or short message, and will decorate downtown from early February through April. The Hearts are a great way to give each other a shout-out and warm up downtown!

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The rains continue, and our agricultural businesses, in Greenfield and beyond, continue to fight for recovery after historic rainfall and subsequent flooding. Consider hosting a fundraiser, donating a portion of proceeds, or volunteering your time, as we pull together as a business community to support this crucial sector.

You can also consider a donation to CISA’s Emergency Farm Fund, which provides no-interest loans to farms in the wake of extreme weather events, The Fund is currently accepting applications for loans up to $25,000 for farms impacted by the July flooding and rain or the damaging freezes earlier this year.

Local farms impacted by these devastating weather events can find more resources here:

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