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The GBA is kicking off Earth Month early with a Lamppost Cleanup on Saturday, March 30th at 10 AM!

There are TONS of great places to poster in Greenfield...but the lampposts are not one of them. By numerous business owner requests, in partnership with the DPW, we'll be taking down posters and old tape, and retouching the paint on the poles. We'll also be handing out fresh lists of PLACES TO POSTER all over Greenfield! Many businesses are happy to host your info, and their customers love to read about everything going on.

Join us for snacks and service - giving our Downtown a spruce and meeting other beautification-minded business people.

RSVP Below and Meet on the Common at 10 AM on Saturday, March 30th!


February Newsletter: Director's Letter

I had an important conversation recently that got me thinking about the nature of Membership Organizations in this day and age - how we are perceived, who we serve, and what it means to us to have businesses in our community decide to join...or not. As I thought about it more, I realized how much Membership Organizations have changed over time, and how important it is to me as a leader of one of these organizations, to communicate that change.

One thing I hear from business owners the most these days is how much they miss the sense of community that they used to feel in Greenfield. With downtown beautification, networking roundtables, and being out in the community getting to meet stakeholders across sectors - the GBA is setting its sights on the goal of rebuilding that sensibility. We count it as a win when a business renews or becomes a new Member - it means that our work is reaching them in some way, and we offer what perks we can as a 'Thank You' for their support in return.

Businesses do not have to be a Member of the GBA to be included and considered in our efforts. When we have advertising opportunities and networking events, or when we are on the radio or in an economic development meeting talking up Greenfield, we are talking about this business ecosystem as a whole. In this moment of increased inclusion and equity in our world, we are moving away from a pay-to-play model, and seeking every day to be the rising tide for all boats.

Michelle Spaziani, Summit Behavioral Wealth, Hannah Jarrell, Double Edge Theatre, Jessye Deane, Franklin County Chamber @ Monte's March 2023

So why be a Member then? That is a fair question.

I believe our Members join because they know that their membership dollars help us do this work on behalf of every business in Greenfield. They know that an organization like ours, supported solely by the membership and sponsorship of the businesses we serve, is here for the business community FIRST. We work for THEM. We are here to amplify and double down on their hard work - talking them up, sharing opportunities, answering questions, and having their back. There are certainly perks to Membership, but the biggest perk is having a business-first organization in Greenfield, working for everyone city-wide - not just our Members, but every business, from the deeply rooted to the brand new start-ups.

Now, the GBA is working to grow our Membership in 2024. Not just to boost visibility - but to carry out some big goals. While we are known for our downtown decorations and events, we are NOT a downtown organization. Our true purpose is the upliftment of the greater Greenfield Business Community as a whole - across diverse sectors and industry goals, from each Farmer's Market tent to our largest industrial entities. We aim to make Greenfield a supportive, successful business environment, leading to greater economic impact and working with our partners to restore Greenfield as the beating heart of Franklin County.

You don't need to be a Member to benefit from the work that we do - if you are a business in Greenfield, or serving Greenfield, you are a part of this community. And at the same time, our Members are critical to us being here to do this work and serve our business community as a whole. So it is our hope that at some point, when you feel the impact of our work for yourself, that you will decide to join us and be part of sustaining us, so we can help sustain you. And until then - call anytime, reach out with ideas, and know that we are here for the success of every business in Greenfield - including yours.

Thanks for reading!

Hannah C. Rechtschaffen, Director

All that to say, we'd love to have you as a Member when you're ready! Your success is our success, and we appreciate you being a stakeholder.

Still need more info? We're here for that too. Don't hesitate to reach out with questions about ways to get involved and how to make the GBA work for you. You can always find Hannah or one of our Board Members at Public Meetings and Chamber Breakfasts - so email ahead or give our shoulder a tap. We'd love to talk with you.

And you can always reach us at


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A fun new Membership perk is the opportunity to come on "Bear Country in the Morning" and share about your business. Whether you have an event coming up, a special announcement, or just want to talk about your business - the Bear County listeners would love to hear it. We can record around your schedule and the spot will air on a Tuesday morning (we'll let you know so you can listen in).

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