Extra Extra! Greenfield Business Community Highlighted in Business West Article!

Director Hannah Rechtschaffen talks positively about the Business Community in Greenfield and Beyond - strengths, challenges, and more.

Lucy Damkoehler of Sweet Lucy’s Bakery

We all know Greenfield and Franklin County don't always get their due. In this wide ranging, candid conversation about Franklin County, leaders discuss the strengths and challenges facing our business communities. GBA Director, Hannah Rechtschaffen is quoted heavily and positively, pointing to what makes the Greenfield business ecosystem especially strong - the efforts and tenacity of our business stakeholders, and the community connectedness that is the GBA's central mission - getting businesses better connected, better supported, and better visibility up and down the Valley.

As the GBA speaks louder and louder about what our businesses deserve and need, we are grateful for these opportunities to talk Greenfield up in publications that are reaching a wider audience. And your opinion is a crucial part of that. Come out to events like the Mayor's Business Community Listening Session on Tuesday, our lamppost cleanup event on Saturday, March 30, and keep your eyes here for upcoming opportunities to make your voice heard. Can't make it to an event? Email us and let's talk. As our partner FC Chamber leader, Jessye Deane, says in the article - there is new leadership and new energy abounding in Franklin County; be part of the next chapter with us!

Read the Article Here: https://businesswest.com/blog/franklin-county-businesses-face-challenges-but-also-opportunity/

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