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Being a business member of the Greenfield Business Association has so many perks!...

'Find It In Greenfield' Spot on Bear Country 95.3

Come chat with Kevin Bazan and Hannah on Bear Country in the Morning for the GBA weekly spot Find It In Greenfield! On Tuesday mornings we talk about your business, an upcoming event or special, or just Greenfield Business in general. Kevin's audience loves to hear what they can find in Greenfield, and we love to tell them!

Bear Country radio has a listening audience of about 70,000 people all across Franklin County, and millions streaming online! Your spot airs on a Tuesday morning at 7:50 AM, and then lives on the Bear Country Website, with the link available to you to share. Come talk with us and tell the audience where to find YOU in Greenfield!

Decorative Lamppost Signs

The Lamppost Signs are installed three times a year, celebrating Greenfield with Hearts, Bees, and Stars, depending on the season. These signs can be purchased for $100 each by Members, and better yet, are included in all three GBA Sponsorship Tiers! If you're considering making the jump to being a GBA Sponsor, you can read more about those levels here.

As a Member, you will receive outreach through the year about each opportunity to sponsor a sign and make your business extra visible on Main Street in downtown Greenfield. The Heart Signs are up early February - March, the Bees buzz in mid April - September, and the Stars shine from late November - January.

Discovery Map Group Ad

Jump in on our GBA Group Ads for only $75! Participating in the Valley's Discovery Map puts your business in front of residents and visitors alike, in a fun, collectable way. In addition to the physical map, your business will also be linked through the Discovery Map website. You can take a look at that here:

When people click on your business, they will be directed to your personal page, with all of your business info and a link to your website and social media (if you have it). The Map is created every Spring and launched for each year in late May.

People pick these maps up as they travel the Valley, move into Town, and visit from away. Your participation makes Greenfield look on the map like the bustling, fun place that we all know it is, and want it to be even more. Thanks for putting your business out there!

Grab Your Spot and Get on the Map HERE!

Free Website Review with Montague WebWorks

Montague WebWorks is offering a standard website review of any Greenfield Business Association member's website, looking for mobile-friendliness, Search Engine Optimization, etc., as well as your website's goals and intent. Lots of things to think about.

MWW is a Greenfield-based company specializing in website design and hosting, database design, e-commerce, secure email, marketing advice, and Google Search Engine Optimization. We provide modern, mobile-friendly responsive websites that are cost-effective and simple to manage, as well as email hosting.

Listing on the GBA Website

Every Greenfield Business Association member gets their business listed on our website!

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