2024 Greenfield Bee Fest Bee Sponsorship

2nd Congregational Church bee on a lamp post

It's Coming Up On Bee Season in Greenfield, and the Bees are buzzing in for the Summer!

The Bees are a sign of healthy agriculture and community, and Bee Week is a fun time in town, attracting folks from all over the Valley and beyond to celebrate the history of beekeeping in Greenfield - starting with the INVENTION of the modern Bee Hive right here in 1852, now used all over the world. This year the Bee Fest includes the unveiling of the newest Bee Sculpture - the Fire Bee!  Your BEE SIGN sponsorship supports Bee Fest's creative projects, children’s activities, art installations, Bee education, music, food and crafts.

From May to September, the lampposts throughout downtown Greenfield are decorated with the fanciful yellow and white Bees, displaying your business name or personal message for everyone driving and walking around downtown - including during the Franklin County Fair parade. It's a great way to show your support for your hive and show your Bee Pride!

There are a limited number of Bees, so don't wait! The flight of the [bumble] bees into Downtown starts on April 1st and continues until the Bee Signs are sold out. 

$100 Donation per Bee All sponsors will be listed on the Greenfield Bee Fest's new website www.GreenfieldBeeFest.org 

Sponsor 3 or more Bees and your logo will be included on the Greenfield Bee Fest's website, with a linkback to your website!

Bees may also be sponsored by individuals and as dedications or memorials. 

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